CHL Translations specializes in Castilian Spanish language localization (video games and apps) and language transcreation (marketing texts). Regular contractors include leading companies in the video game industry, where my team of collaborators and I have translated millions of words thus far.

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After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Translation & Interpreting (2013), I was able to land my first localization gig at Ubisoft’s second largest studio! After two years and a Master's Degree in Translation and New Technologies (2017), I gained the necessary experience to start as a freelancer and build my own business – securing the skills I use now to yield results that you can trust.

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Through my years of experience, I have learned the added value that comes with versatility – especially when offering the best quality to my clients. I work in various roles and under very different circumstances, handling projects of all lengths and sizes, while tailoring myself to your needs as a translator, proofreader, project manager and/or linguistic tester – you name it!

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Apart from my academic background and my first-hand field experience, I also love what I do! Being a gamer myself, I easily know what people want to see, read and hear while playing your games. And so, every single project that lands in my hands is treated with the same affection that you put in while developing it, since I also feel proud to consider it my own creation (at least its Spanish version)!




If you would like to meet, be in touch or talk about your project, please do not hesitate to say hi! I am always open to helping people foster new ideas and to starting potential collaborations in the video game industry and beyond!

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